Massage Therapy

There are countless benefits to massage therapy treatment. It aids in muscle recovery and helps to resolve delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) associated with exercise and exertion. It decreases tension accumulation in the tissue, be it postural in nature or the manifestation of mental and emotional stress. Massage works to down regulate hyperactivation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), which is our fight, flight or freeze mechanism.

Excellent for sprains, strains and myofascial trigger point release, massage therapy can have a positive impact on the available range of motion in your joints. By releasing tissue restriction, you are freeing your musculoskeletal system of unnecessary resistance. You may choose to pursue deep tissue massage, full body massage, postural realignment, prenatal massage, or post natal massage.

Treatments are client-led, and as such our registered massage therapists work with you to customize your experience, and ensure you receive the safest and most effective treatment for you.


Osteopathy stems from the Latin ‘osteon’ for ‘structure’, and ‘pathos’ for ‘passion for’ or ‘suffering or dysfunction of’.  Osteopathic treatment is designed to assess and impact the continuous myofascial sheath that “links every part of the body with every other part”.

The associated techniques have the ability to influence every structure of our being, and can work deeply into tissue layers that include visceral components. Osteopathy sees the patient as a whole being, and thus views the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body as one.


Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture involves the shallow insertion of extremely fine needles (smaller than a strand of human hair) at specific points along energetic meridians. These points activate the body’s natural healing processes to alleviate blockages and stimulate the vital energy (Qi) we all possess. Fire cupping can also be used as both a diagnostic tool and to treat stagnation along energy meridians.

Acupuncture points each have their own functionality to treat the physical, mental and emotional body. You don’t need to be unwell or in pain to seek acupuncture. One of the greatest acupuncture benefits is that it excels as a preventative measure to support overall health. Although symptoms often bring patients to seek treatment, the treatment itself works to determine the root cause of unrest in the body.


Yogassage melds two blissful experiences together as one. A yin yoga class is enhanced by the application of hands-on adjustments from both a yoga teacher and a registered massage therapist. This combined approach allows clients to leave class feeling energetically balanced and calm with a sense of ease in their tissue. Ideally in a heated space, this is a 75-minute class with gentle music playing throughout. Each yoga pose is held for two to five minutes.

Previous experience with yoga and/or massage is not required. With a maximum of only six people in each class, participants are adjusted in every posture! Option to book a private yogassage session for one, or a small group, or customize a class based on larger numbers.

To book a private Yogassage class email

Yoga Classes

The physical practice of yoga is the union of breath and movement. Here at ECWC, we approach our classes through a therapeutic lens. Many of our practitioners are also yoga teacher trained with decades of experience between them. A well balanced yoga practice will take your joints and muscles through their optimal range of motion, which will be different for each student.

Our classes will offer modifications and options so that you can tailor your practice to suit your uniqueness. We are always happy to chat before, during or after class about how to integrate accessibility into each movement and pose. We host periodic community classes that double as fundraisers for local non-profit and charitable organizations. In the future, we hope to expand these offerings that connect us as a group.  Interested in private yoga classes for you and your loved ones? Please reach out to us at or call 902-410-4779.

Sydney D

"I moved to Vancouver & have yet to find a massage therapist or clinic that compares to this place! It’s the perfect combination of high quality care & East coast friendliness. Kelly is one of the most positive & wonderful people you’ll meet - and gives the best massage ever! Would give 10 stars if I could!"

Polly W

"Kelly (and her staff), has been the most important person in my health care circle for a number of years. Her skilful therapeutic massages, her network of other skilled healthcare professionals, and her concern about my chronic pain is what encouraged me mean to find answers. I am glad to say that thanks to Kelly I am almost pain free! Whether it is for relaxation or a “tune up” on those angry muscles, Kelly’s massages are the best. You will love her new digs and location and of course you will always enjoy Kelly. Congratulations on you new studio!"

Sarah M

"Kelly and her staff go above and beyond to tailor their treatments to your unique needs. I look so forward to my massages, not only for the physical benefits, but also for the warm and caring atmosphere that they have created. Book early: Kelly's popularity speaks for itself!"

Venessa R

"Coast Wellness Clinic enough. I have received treatment for a hip injury, as well as recurring neck and shoulder stiffness. Kelly is always able to treat these specific areas (she is amazing a deep tissue massage), as well, she always leaves your body feeling completely relaxed. Pure bliss! It is evident that she has years of experience in massage and is excellent at discussing the treatment, or helping your understand any questions you have about the body. On top of that, the clinic has wonderful staff, and it’s in a great location downtown Halifax."

Claire A

"I completed a free online month in the moment challenge through ECWC and learned a lot about how to engage in meaningful self care. Thank you!


"ECWC is always offering such creative support, these last 30days have been very uplifting with them! What an awesome community, don't hesitate to go."

Tracy Y

"I had a couple sacral cranial and a massage a wonderful experience the best i ever had very kind and gentle and her energy is outstanding. She and the staff are very friendly and outstanding with the public very terrific atmosphere very refreshing and relaxing and spotless very clean. Jenn's eyes just gleam a very warm welcoming affect to come for services very compassionate someone I would definitely recommend for services top notch business and professionalism the very best♡♡♡"

Tanya H

"Truly enjoyed being part of a Month in the Moment and looked forward each morning to reading your email. I found it extremely helpful especially during the month of January which can be extra challenging during the best of times. I look forward to joining this group again in the future."

Hannah S

"My favourite clinic in the city for massage and acupuncture. The space is warm and inviting and all of the therapists are amazing!"

Raeesa L

"This is the best place to get a massage in the city. All of the massage therapists are incredible, seriously - no matter who you get, you will be so well taken care of! Thank you all for being so wonderful :)"

Emma W

"The ECWC is such a welcoming space and so lovely to experience treatment! I've been seeing Jenn for several years now and always leave in a state of bliss! Would 100% recommend any of their services!"

Melanie M

"I have gotten the pleasure of enjoying Kelly and Jenn's yoga class in the past and absolutely loved them. I really enjoyed your daily inspiration emails I would read them before my started to set my intentions for the day. I cannot wait to come in for a services at the clinic. Thank you so much for your kind words."